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  1. The Constitutional Status and Role of the Governor-General – King's House Jamaica
  2. The Constitutional Status and Role of the Governor-General

The Constitutional Status and Role of the Governor-General – King's House Jamaica

The Governor General is the defacto Head of State in Jamaica as Her Majesty has vested all executive authority in Jamaica to the Governor-General who at his installation takes the Oath of Office as prescribed by the constitution to function in her stead. Firstly, The Office of the Governor-General is non-partisan, and provides objective and independent guidance to the Government of the day.

The Governor- General exercises his executive authority either directly or indirectly through officers subordinate to him. The Governor-General also appoints members of the Services Commissions, and on the advice of the Commissions, the public services decides on recommendations in respect of appointments, disciplinary control, retirement, and the payment of retirement benefits for public servants.

The Governor-General convenes regular meetings with the Prime Minister, and where necessary with Members of the Cabinet and the Leader of the Opposition. The Governor-General chairs meetings of the Privy Council which advises him on the exercise of his Prerogative of Mercy, and appeals from public officers.

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Further, through the receipt of minutes from Cabinet and the various Commissioners on Government policy, he is kept advised on major Governance matters. Canada and Australia are the exceptions to this. Home Site map Contact us.

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The Constitutional Status and Role of the Governor-General

Governors-general in the Commonwealth Governor-general is a title and position recognisable throughout the Commonwealth, historically and today. Home All member countries Terms Contact us. The House of Representatives has 63 directly elected members. The cabinet Prime Minister and at least 11 ministers has executive responsibility.

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Elections are held at intervals not exceeding five years. The constitution may be amended by a simple majority of both houses except for the entrenched provisions that can be amended only by two-thirds majority of both houses and specially entrenched clauses as above, plus ratification through referendum.

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After a violent campaign, the general election in October was largely free of violence. In the September general election, the opposition JLP, led by Golding, won a narrow victory with 32 seats and