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I became afraid that I was being perceived as creepy or coming on too strong by being so enthusiastic and energetic — maybe people were just making fun of me as soon as walked away? Maybe they were calling me a loser? Paranoia rules! But I stopped giving a shit and figured that if anyone was making fun of me for being kind and outgoing and friendly, that was really their own personal problem.

Not mine. Confidence and smiles go thousands of kilometres too. Let them be unhappy and judgmental and go make your friends. Wonderful article! I can certainly relate I think we all can. Needless to say, I met some really cool people there including you Emilie and I am happy you took the initiative to get all our emails. Aw thanks Sinoun.

It was so nice meeting you as well. I especially love meeting fellow multipotentialites. I am way too shy for my own good. Hearing about how you overcame your shyness gives me hope that I can do the same. Great tip! Cool, thanks Angela.

Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness With A Mobile Solution

I can really relate to your situation because I have a hard time in those events my self. Shyness is generally confidence related something you can change. Please send me a link to that article once you publish it. An extrovert, for comparison, tends to get their energy from others. So an extrovert seeks connection with others to charge their own batteries, whereas an introvert turns inward.

I thought I was an extrovert until my mid-forties when I took a class about personality types.

7 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

I have always talked a lot so I assumed I was an extrovert. The class instructor overheard me say that and he asked if anyone else in the class thought that the distinction between introvert and extrovert had anything to do with noise volume. Everyone raised their hands. Then he said we were all wrong.

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That the difference between being introverted and extroverted had nothing to do with how much a person talked, esp. Intro- extro- has to do with where a person gets their energy. I also think I am shy. But I am not completely decided about the shy label. I know that I talk a lot when I am feeling shy to hide my shyness and this is a good trick. The more I am talking, the more I am hiding. I guess I am shy.

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I hide my shyness with chatter. It is a tricky thing. My mother is a singer. She gets up in front of big crowds on a loud PA system and blasts out June Carter songs. She oozes confidence. Once I asked her for advice on how I could be as confident as she is. I just pretend to be confident. Good story! Some people just proceed anyway. Your website is pretty cool there FearfulGirl. I like your spin on the whole adventure blog idea. Good stuff. Why thank you! I wrote a memoir and a major theme is fear. I was terrified of water, but I was given the opportunity to sail a boat with a man I met in a bar across the Pacific.

Over coming shyness starts with taking consistent action towards your dreams. Just make sure you pat yourself on the back when you make progress. Great post Emilie. Over-preperation as a crutch. It also makes a mighty fine delay tactic. And so, I take up your challenge, whether you meant it that way or not. Within the first week I am going to sign up for caipoera and before the first class ends I will find a practice partner. Maybe even a small group. That is amazing Kathryn!

As a massive introvert myself and multipotenialist I can definitely relate to what you are saying. The biggest thing by far for my progress was to stop over thinking things. As introverts our world is internalised. The thing is, no one really cares. Everyone is waiting to be approached. Just decide to be the one doing the approaching.

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It works in the blogosphere though- gives us a better understanding of human behaviour and how to get the most out of life. If your feeling un-comfortable when your about to speak to someone else your new to, chances are they are going to be feeling un-comfortable too. I think a fair bit of our motivation can come from, as you said, having it thrust upon you.

Yup, having an opportunity thrust upon you is a great way to get started. You need to take advantage of it when it comes your way though.

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I could just as easily have easily handed her my email address and gone back to being shy. But I used her approach as a catalyst to take on the responsibility for collecting email addresses. But I do find that if I get over the first hurdle and just put myself out there it always pays off. Interesting, eh? And yeah, the first step is totally the hardest!


How to Stop Being Shy: 9 Guaranteed Ways To Overcome Shyness

Steps 4 and 5 are such good tips. Whatever happens after that statement is usually not that bad. These are people you will likely never see again and you really have nothing to lose. Hi Emelie, I know that uncomfortable feeling all too well.

Causes of Extreme Shyness

But like you, I force myself to overcome it. Thanks for a wonderfully refreshing post. And yeah, smiling goes a LONG way. I can relate to this. Nice reading this post. I guess, overcoming shyness rely on your willingness to overcome it. If you really wanted to get rid of your shyness, face it.