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Wednesday, June 13, Bittersweet Home - Wednesday. Take any outside situation, be it cafe, park, beach or just avoiding the crowds in Oxford Street and ask yourself as people walk towards you, would I talk to them on holiday? So when you do actually go on holiday, be prepared for quite a few dinners for two. You are so judgemental. What is it with old men and Speedos? Bad surveys, bad solicitors and bad karma have sucked the optimism from me.

A stylish-looking man has just sauntered out of the office in question. He leans over to peer into the container, but she covers it with her hands. She smiles and leans back, nodding for him to try. She thanks him, and she means it. When the lightbulb goes off, she meets his shock with a satisfied grin. Only two years later, the extended cut came out and put most of them out of circulation.

Bittersweet Diary by S. Seward | Flickr

She feels a warmth spread through her lungs, her skin. Jeez, and I got you a tube full of goo. The vacuum black of night gives way to an onyx sky as dawn slowly stirs. Scully will have to leave for Annapolis soon. She settles into the crook of his arm and puts her legs up on the coffee table.

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Chapter 9. But the muse and I hope that you all have an amazing day and get the chance to be with family and friends this holiday season! Summary: Post Season 8.

The night of shattered glass

Drogon takes his mother to Volantis where she is revived along with the children she carries. Hand me my clown makeup, tinfoil hat and leave me be. Later she would think it fitting, she gave birth to him in a funeral pyre and he returned the gift on her own. But when her eyes opened and she gasped for breath, she felt only fear.

Her eyes darted, looking for Jon, unsure if she was afraid to find him or afraid not to. That was the first fact that entered her mind as she took in the red priests and priestesses that surrounded her. They looked at her with a hungry awe that scared her and she wished she had someone to comfort her, to shield her.

Her arms wrapped around so that she could hug herself.

Dating Diary: Is Revenge As Bittersweet As We Think?

She was alone in this world. She always had been. Her chest exploded in pain. Daenerys tried to stand, but her legs were too weak. Kinvara came forward, supporting her weight.

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I neglet my ocs a lot, buy ill change that someday and try to develop stories more consistently! Log in Sign up. Tove Styrke mistakes bittersweet song lyrics swedish music song lyrics quote.

Fakiru week fakiru princess tutu Day 6 Bittersweet Too bad she was never able to use toe shoes excluding Tutu's form it's really sad hat she loved ballet and dance with her friends and now she's unable to do it anymore Word Count: 2, Warnings: - smut of all kinds. Bittersweet deanxreader dean x reader readerxdean reader x dean dean winchester x reader reader x dean winchester dean dean winchester dean smut dean winchester smut dean x reader smut dean winchester fan fiction dean winchester fanfiction dean winchester fan fic dean winchester fanfic dean fan fiction dean fanfiction dean fanfic dean fan fic supernatural spn supernatural smut spn smut supernatural fan fiction supernatural fanfiction supernatural fan fic spn fan fiction spn fanfiction spn fan fic.

This world is fucking hell. Ask jorrated a question myart sfw my ocs bittersweet dullahand. Real Life Superhero.

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Maybe a little. Or maim. Whatever, take your pick. Ra'sTim caught au my writing fic rec bittersweet tim drake ra's al ghul putting this in more than one place. There will be more life to experience tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day.

Bittersweet Recollection: An Ecological Study of Nostalgia

Breathe, rest, practice the idea of enough. Practice the idea of living well, and a little more slowly. Oh Lucifer I agree with many of you that the news today is very bittersweet. All I Want for Christmas. If I could choose not to meet you all those years ago, I would still walk up to you on that playground. I would still set next to you at that computer screen.

You taught me lessons I needed to know.

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My heart is bits and pieces glued together, but it is also full of love and compassion now. The pain taught me. The pain made me. Happy holidays from the ask-bittersweet blog! The blog is still on break until further notice But the muse and I hope that you all have an amazing day and get the chance to be with family and friends this holiday season!

Fiendy's Art unkitty masterfrown unifrown bittersweet cute fanart. There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.

They are so good it's unbelievable.